While COVID-19 is impacting our community, here are some ways you can enjoy cannabis safely.
July 24, 2020

Top 10 Dispensaries In Vancouver

Back in 2018 cannabis was legalised in Canada, the Canadian Government had various goals associated with cannabis regulation. These goals included reducing criminality; protecting the youth of Canada, and protecting the health of the public. Whether you use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, what you need is a top cannabis dispensary. To help you find the high you're looking for, check out 10 of the best dispensaries in Vancouver.

1 . AR Cannabis

We are proud to say that our very own dispensary, AR Cannabis, is one of the leading cannabis dispensaries in Vancouver. It’s our mission to bring our knowledge of weed to the community, delivering you only the very finest weed products. We have a passion for recreational cannabis products and education, and if you do too, we’re going to get along just great!

We’ve got a huge range of delicious strains from ‘Tweed Highlands’ to ‘Edison Limelight’. Fancy trying some cannabis topicals? We’ve got some fantastic Apothecanna Body Cream to ease muscle pain (this stuff is a miracle worker)! We have cannabis dispensaries in Vernon as well as several dispensaries in Vancouver. Order online and collect in-store, easy peasy! You won’t regret getting your weed kicks from one of the best dispensaries in Vancouver, Canada.

2. Village Bloomery

Village Bloomery is a top dispensary in Vancouver, well known for its charming community vibe and wide range of tasty cannabis styles.

Village Bloomery believes that ‘the responsible use of cannabis creates energy, confidence, friendship, and joy.’ One of the best things about the Village Bloomery is that they locally source their products wherever possible, prioritising products that are organic.

Village Bloomery has plenty of cannabis varieties including ‘7 Acres White Widow’ and ‘Simply Bear Sour Cookies’. Whether you’re looking for flowers, pre-rolls, tinctures or edibles, there’s something for everyone. Choose click and collect or head to the Vancouver cannabis store for a friendly chat about weed.

3. Evergreen Cannabis Society

The Evergreen Cannabis Society is famous for being the first recreational cannabis store in Vancouver. Evergreen is committed to providing the very best gov- approved, and lab-tested weed products. The unique thing about Evergreen is that they also stock some superb dry-herb vaporizers.

With 20 years of industry experience, this lot really knows their hybrid flowers from their indica blends! Evergreen is dedicated to educating their clients about the risks of buying cannabis and providing the most leisurely and safe experience possible. For many years now, Evergreen has held its reputation as a top weed dispensary in Vancouver, Canada.

4. City Cannabis CO

City Cannabis is on a mission to ‘erase the stigma’ surrounding cannabis, helping the community to discover legal cannabis on their own terms.

Whether you're an experienced weed user or a newbie you’ll love the aesthetics and atmosphere at these cannabis boutiques. These stores are designed to represent Vancouver's unique personality, with plenty of greenery, reclaimed wood, and natural light. City Cannabis is all about ‘sustainable practices that give back to the planet.’

So what’s the weed-like? Well, frankly, you’re bound to be impressed. City Cannabis weed stores have got so many varieties from smooth and mellow to styles that pack a bit of a punch! Popular cannabis flowers include’ Unite Organic’ and ‘Sweet Island Skunk’.

5. Canna Farmacy

Canna Farmacy pride themselves on offering fantastic natural alternatives to pharmaceutical medication. Canna Farmacy only works with the best cannabis cultivators, they understand how (and why) the demand for medical cannabis is growing.

So why choose the Canna Farmacy weed store? For starters, they’ve got some seriously yummy ‘Sour Diesel’ not to mention those delicious cannabis-infused rice krispy squares. Guaranteed, you won’t have tasted edibles quite like these before! What’s more, Canna Farmacy will kindly bring your weed treats directly to your door.

6. The Medical Cannabis Dispensary

The Medical Cannabis Dispensary has been providing the Vancouver community with medical cannabis for over ten years. TMCD had been running as a non-profit society since back in October 2008. As well as an online store, The Medical Cannabis Dispensary also has an education centre.

It’s not just high quality weed products on offer here, TMCD also stocks ‘the world’s weediest books and stoniest stories.’ Fancy reading a book about ‘Hairy Pothead and the Marijuana Stone?’ well, now you can! Delivery options are currently available.

7. Green Leaf Express

Green Leaf Express is a leading cannabis store in Vancouver, Canada. Here you’ll find top-quality medical marijuana products and plenty of options for recreational use. Green Leaf Express stock hash, cannabis, CBD, and edibles. The online store has got everything you need to have yourself a seriously relaxing cannabis sesh.

With a few clicks, you’ll get amazing weed delivered right to your doorstep ( 1-3 business days). Looking for some seriously awesome cannabis concentrates? Green Leaf has got some fantastic full spectrum extracts. The concept of full-spectrum is to retain all of the desirable cannabis compounds without alteration.

8. Hobo Cannabis Company

The charming Hobo Cannabis Company is on a mission to make the weed purchasing experience human, relaxed, and disarming. Hobo wants to do away with the stigma and teach you all the fantastic things about cannabis plants (oh, there are so many things)!

So what’s on the Hobo menu? Plenty of mouth-watering stuff is the answer. Be sure to try the ‘Aurora Blue Dream’ and the ‘Edison’ chocolate truffles too. Hobo has plenty of weed dispensaries in Vancouver, simply order online and pick up your weed goodies in store.

9. King Canna

King Canna is a great place to shop if you’re feeling a little nervous about buying cannabis. They’ll take you through the choices and help you achieve an experience that’s suitable for your lifestyle. King Canna weed dispensary has an experienced team of cannabis wizards who handpick the flowers. Rest assured, these products are free from contaminants and chemicals.

Fancy a taste of ‘White Shark’ or ‘Ninja Fruit’? Or what about some delicious ‘carmelt’ edibles? King Canna is serves up a yummy cannabis platter not to be missed.

10. UEM Cannabis

UEM Cannabis is a top weed dispensary in Vancouver, bringing you a lovely selection of marijuana strains, weed accessories, and bongs. Here you’ll find a safe and professional environment to help you feel at ease. UEM Cannabis offers a superior service and a cannabis consultation (to help you find the right kinda high)!

You can pick up some real tasty products at the Vancouver cannabis store. Keep your eyes peeled for the Victoria location (coming soon).

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